Animal sounds (Bioacoustics)


Bioacoustics is a cross-disciplinary science that combines biology and acoustics. Usually, it refers to the investigation of sound production, dispersion and reception in animals (including humans).

This involves the neurophysiological and anatomical basis of sound production and detection, and the relation of acoustic signals to the medium they disperse through. The findings provide clues about the evolution of acoustic mechanisms, and from that, the evolution of animals that employ them.

The Solution

An experienced observer can use animal sounds to recognize a “singing” animal species, its location and its condition in nature. Investigation of animal sounds also includes signal recording with electronic recording equipment. we have developed an intelligent acoustic algorithm able to detect a wide range of animal sounds to detect their presence or to deter them, the algorithm is capable to run on little sensors.

Where To Use

Bat sounds

Bird sounds

Pigeon Deterance

Rodent Control

Squirrel deterrent