Cable/Metal theft


Cable theft costs Network Rail millions of pounds each year. The total cost to the economy – taking into account the impact of freight delays to power stations and supermarkets, and on passengers who miss appointments or have their day ruined – is even higher.

The theft of metal is a big problem for the railway as thieves target signalling cables, overhead power lines and even metal fences to sell for scrap.

Britain’s rail network is designed to fail safe, which means that when a cable is cut trains are brought to a standstill. This protects passengers but can lead to lengthy, frustrating delays while the problem is found and fixed safely.

A large proportion of our funding comes from the Government, so these thefts are, ultimately, costing taxpayers money.

The Solution

We have developed highlight innovative sensors that are able to detect the grinder machine sound which indicates cable/metal theft is ongoing, the sensor captures the grinder acoustic signature and when confirmed sends automated alerts to Network Rail and British Transport Police, the solution equipped with audible and visual alarm to help deter the vandalism.

Where To Use

Level crossing

Train sidings

Train station