Catalytic converter theft


Catalytic converters are devices fitted to vehicle exhausts to reduce the number of dangerous gases emitted. They are often targeted by thieves as they contain valuable metals and can be removed in less than a minute.

Catalytic converter theft most frequently occurs in car parks, but it can happen anywhere. Thieves may then sell these converters via scrapyards, online, or ship them out of the country.

Hybrid vehicles are most commonly targeted, as their metals are more valuable, but any vehicle can be at risk of catalytic converter theft.

The Solution

We have developed intelligent sensors that use fusion technology acoustic and camera sensors to classify the grinder machine sounds and camera to detect the vandalism, the sensor is low-cost sensors alway listening for key sounds (grinder sound) once the sound has been confirmed will send automated texts, a phone call to British Transport Police.

Where To Use

House Driveway

Car Parks