Graffiti Detection


The estimated cost to the UK for cleaning up graffiti is over £1 billion. London Underground alone believes it costs up to £10m a year to replace all the glass etched with graffiti and £2.5m to clean up other forms of graffiti

Graffiti is a complex challenge to tackle as it is not constant, and a small number of attacks can result in significant damage. The industry has been successful in reducing spray graffiti on the assets, but this has only resulted in the offenders targeting high risks places like side roads and bridges, which are harder to authorities as they are not operational at night and lack video surveillance.


We have developed a low-cost battery-powered graffiti detection sensor that uses AI acoustic algorithms to detect graffiti spray sounds on any surface to alert authorities and trigger multiple alarms sirens and flashing lights with different loudness/intensity, frequencies and patterns. The sensors are able to assess the behavioural response of the intruder to the different alarm combinations to effectively expel them from the area.

Where To Use


Car Parks


Train station

Train sidings