Trespass on the rail network is a key generator of both primary and reactionary lost minutes which negatively impacts upon railway operations. In 2018/19, the total performance delay costs associated with trespass and vandalism amounted to £55m.

There are 13,500 incidents on the railway each year, affecting over 400 trains each day. There are various factors influencing why people trespass. There are several measures to combat trespass but relatively few are new. Trespass incidents have increased over the last 5 years.

The challenge is to address the causes of disruption, minimise the effects on the railway operations and to obtain a lasting improvement using innovative and technological improvements.

The Solution

We have developed an intelligent fusion sensor able to capture trespass events in remote locations using trio sensors which ensure accuracy of over 99% even during the night, the little sensors can run in dark environments and when the trespass event has been detected will send automated texts, phone calls to both Network Rail and British Transport Police alongside with a powerful AI context-Aware dynamic algorithm alarm which will trigger a mix of audible and visual alarms.

Where To Use

Level crossing

Train sidings

Train station