With our powerful sound classification algorithms we can understand all sounds therefore cover wider markets

Saftey Sounds

Detect safety and emergency sounds such as smoke alarms, fire alarms, Monoxide alarms, gas sensors, heat sensors and flood sensors.

Security Sounds

Detect and classify sounds to improve security such classifying theft alarms sounds, glass breaking, screaming, dog barking, baby crying and more.


Detect sounds and alerts to feel more connected such as, doorbells, telephone ringing, microwave beeps, dishwasher beeps, washing machine beeps, oven timer beeps, alarm clocks and more.


Classify and analysis sounds to enhance the healthcare industry such us, detect snoring sounds, analysis type of snoring, detect the type of sleep apnea, detect an irregular heartbeat, detect lung infection, coughing, sneezing, vomiting and more.

Acustic scene classficaton

Classify the environment around you (domestic activities ) such as knowing where are you, Parks, street, Restaurant, pub, aeroplane, TV on, laughing, Vacuum cleaner, shaving, cooking, showering, snoring, crying and more.

Home Appliance Sounds

Detect and get alerts when home appliances beep around you such as the egg timer, microwave beeps, oven timer, dishwasher beeps, washing machine beeps, stove beeps, pressure kings beeps and any of these kitchen appliances.

Machines Failures

Detect all machine failures in real time such as detect blender failures, fan unbalanced, fridge compressor failures, trimmer needs oil, toothbrush unbalanced,  dynamo overload, drill overload and many more.

Oil and Gas

Detect any leakage on oil, gas and water pipelines, measure the flow speed, theft prevention, damage prevention and more.

Railway Industry

Doing predictive maintenance in the railway system very important, our technology is able to detect and analysis, slab track failures such as gauge and geometry sub-millimetre movements, obstructions (Leaves, rocks, trees), on overhead lines, wire is down, pressure on wire causes splitting, increase distance for wire causing electrical spark, fallen trees and obstructions, on the train, such as detect bearing damage, flat wheel, breaking system failures.


Detect transportation sounds such as car horns, police siren, ambulance siren, fire truck siren, bike bell and more.

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