With our powerful sound classification algorithms we can understand all sounds therefore cover wider markets

Saftey Sounds
Identify emergency alarms to improve response time of emergency services

The algorithm detects intrusion, break-ins through environmental audio such as window breaking, baby crying, home alarm triggering, car alarms and many more. Furthermore, it can detect and analyse fall events for elderly people without the need of sensors in real time. This application can be incorporated to security surveillance to improve response time of emergency services when an emergency alarm has been triggered or when someone is in pain/distress.

Security Sounds
Recognizes distress and aggression sounds to prevent escalation and harm.

The algorithm identifies distress and aggression cues in voices of people or known danger sounds in the surrounding environment such as screaming, gunshots, baby crying, glass breaking, dog barking and many more. Upon classification of these sounds, the algorithm notifies security or law enforcement agencies through visual and sound alert so that the authorities can respond swiftly to prevent physical aggression and harm. Our algorithm can be integrated with video surveillance solutions to provide automated detection of these incidents.

Alert Sounds
Provide smart alerts via phone notification for household alerts, with emphasis on assisting the deaf to “see” sound.

The compatibility of the algorithm to a large range of platforms enables it to be installed into any smartphone. Our smart algorithm can be linked using the smartphone to the security system to identify household alarms such as doorbells, smoke alarms, theft alarms, appliances timer alarms and many more. This application is primarily to assist deaf people to “see” sound

Detects and analyse sounds emitted by the body to provide nonintrusive care and diagnostics.

Our algorithm provides insight into snoring sounds of an individual using our SnoRelief app installed on their smartphone to determine the possibility of having sleep apnea. This helps the user to self-diagnose their condition and get the medical assistance they require if needed.

Heartbeat and breathing sound detection through digital stethoscope to analyse any abnormal signs to notify the doctor.

Cough sound detection to analyse the unique patterns if there is any abnormal signs to notify the doctor.

Acustic Environment Classification
Discern surrounding noises to pinpoint exact location of user and providing data to simulate real life audio of a location.

Classify the environmental noises around you (domestic activities) such as your location based on your surrounding sounds, parks, street, restaurant, pub, aeroplane, TV switched on, sound of laughter, vacuum cleaner, shaving, cooking, showering, snoring, crying and many more

Home Appliance Sounds

Detect and get alerts when home appliances beep around you such as the egg timer, microwave beeps, oven timer, dishwasher beeps, washing machine beeps, stove beeps and any of these kitchen appliances.

Machines Failures
Detect acoustic emissions from machines to predict and prevent machine failures in real time.

Our smart acoustic sensors can detect faults in machinery before it happens using acoustic emissions from the machine. Providing real time analytics on the movement and vibration of the machine.

Railway Industry

Detect and analyse slab track failures in real time using acoustic and vibration sensors attached on the train axle or tracks, providing predictive maintenance and serve as an early warning system. Additional features include a platform crossing detector that prevents illegal/dangerous crossing of train tracks.

Our algorithm and sensors can monitor and analyse slab track failures in real time using acoustic and vibration sensors attached on the train axle or tracks such as gauge and geometry sub-millimetre movements, obstructions on overhead lines, downed wire, split wire, bearing damage, flat wheel, braking systems and many more. Furthermore, sensors are attached on train platforms to detect people trying to cross and jump onto the tracks and alerts operators with lights and automatic messages.